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The ongoing saga

As many know, we started out strong with our stackfab bass knobs. Offering a custom hand made product for about 1/3rd of what the market said it should cost. Everything went well until we received a couple large batches of expensive 'high end' potentiometers. Expensive though they were, they were absolute shite quality and burned out too soon for our liking. Several months of back and forth with the manufacturer got us nowhere except further behind in orders. 

It came down to decision time and the choice was made to place them on hold for the time being and remove them from the market. 

To complicate the issue and brew the almost perfect storm, a lot of business was being done over a well known social media platform. All the sudden, we noticed that there were message notifications, but no actual messages. To this day, there are several hundred messages that we still can't access on that platform, and no explanation from the social media platform as to why. Every once in a while, a message will actually show up, and we answer it promptly. But we realize this isn't the best way to go about serving our customers, so to save face, we called an audible and decided to largely abandon that platform. It really zucks, but I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about it until thing improve there.